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Richard Whittaker and Re-use Littleborough team up with Forever Angels

Africa Bound!

Oct 8, 2021 | Charity

Richard Whittaker and Re-use Littleborough team up to aid Forever Angels

Michael Bamford, founder of Re-Use Littleborough, asked if there was any chance of the volunteers using a corner of our carpark to allow folk to fill a container, bound for Africa, methodically and efficiently to make the very best use of space.

Previously they had a 3 hour window before the haulier had to set off for the docks, and the container had to leave half empty, which was a great pity. This time their intention was to buy their own container, but were struggling to find somewhere safe to site it whilst they loaded it with the generous donations from the residents of Littleborough.

We were delighted to be able to help, but then we all know what happened; a global pandemic hit, and the world went into lockdown!

Finally, we are pleased to announce, the container is on the move, it will have its “seaworthy” certification renewed on Friday and will set off on its journey to Africa, with gifts for Forever Angels baby home in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Forever Angels baby home not only takes in orphaned children to find loving homes for, but also helps to support families of babies whose mothers have died in childbirth to help them stay in their extended family where they belong. They also have an outreach to the very many street children that have no other support, as well as links to the local welfare and hospitals.

You can keep up to date wuith Re-Use Littleborough and Forever Angels via the links below!

Re-use Littleborough on Facebook | Forever Angels on Facebook

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