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James Brown & Co

Quality dried and blended foodstuffs

James Brown and Company is a division of the family-run Richard Whittaker Ltd. As a company we supply a variety of quality dried and blended foodstuffs to help you with your Food Service needs. In the main, we serve Ethnic Supermarkets and Cash & Carry Stores. We also provide catering supplies for Bakeries, Fish & Chips Shop suppliers as well as Hotels and Restaurants.

James Brown Panda Brand

The James Brown Panda Brand was founded to enable us to meet our Customer’s demands for both quality products and packaging.

Our range brings together a choice of cooking ingredients which we source from all around the world and includes Flours, Herbs & Spices, Dried Fruit and much more.

Product Range

Anything you need

We can provide the following foodstuffs in a variety of packaging;

Catering Supplies
Dry Nuts & Fruits
Seeds, Beans & Lentils
Seasonings & Spices

Own Label Products

Your Product, Your Packaging

In addition to our own Panda products, we also specialise in ‘Own Label’ products and openly welcome orders of this nature. We pack into paper or plastic bags, tubs, buckets, composite tubes, sachets, doy packs and sacks – basically whatever you need, just ask!

If you have any queries or would like to place an order, please contact us on 01706 341300 or e-mail