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A Flexible Contract Packing Solution

Here at Richard Whittaker, we pride ourselves on being versatile and our Contract Packing service is no different. Not only do we have 20 packing lines with state-of-the-art form, fill and seal machines as well as Ishida head filling machines, all of which allows us to pack weights from 10g to 1kg and into a broad range of bags, packs, tubs and sachets. Whatever your requirement we have the means to deliver it.

Fill, Form & Seal

By far the most popular and quickest method of packing is via Vertical Form, Fill and Seal machines, to create ‘pillow packs’ of varying dimensions. We have a wide range of formers which are capable of accommodating all types of ambient products, some examples of which are listed below:

Powders | Granules | Crystals | Bakery Mixes | Sports Supplements | Drinks Powders | Pulses | Dried Fruits | Superfoods | Beverages | Cereals | Muesli | Herbs & Spices | Nuts & Seeds

The Best for your Product

Richard Whittaker Ltd currently has 10 Vertical Form, Fill & Seal lines with numerous, gravity fed options via auger filler, volumetric cup system or multi-head weigher, to enable the best possible out-turn for your products.

We can handle bulk coming into our warehouse in tonne IBC’s, Drums, Bag in a Box, Paper/Poly Sacks and because we do not use screw feeders and bucket elevators to fill machines, we have eliminated any cross contamination risks.

Assisting Every Step of the Way

We are happy to provide clear or opaque films, however, should customers require pre-printed film we can guide you through the design process and introduce you to experts in the field to ensure you get the best possible deal.

Thanks to our high quality printers, customers can choose generic film to cover a wide range of products and still have good shelf presentation. In those cases a quotation for just the packing service is readily available.

Packaging Choices

Aside from sachets, we can also use our 9 auger fillers to pack into the following:

Composite Drums
Plastic Buckets & Tubs
Food Grade Polythene Bags
Block-bottomed Paper Bags
Bag in a Box
Doy Pouches PET Jars
Paper Cups Tinware

Additional Packing Services

We can also assist you with any of the following services:

Date Coding
Hand Packing
L-Seal Vacuum Packing
Clip Strip Formation Services.
Sieving & Metal Detection