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for All your Blending Needs

Depending on the type of product to be blended, Richard Whittaker offer a range of different blending solutions to suit every customer’s product’s and their individual needs. With over 50 years experience to our name and a wealth of machinery and knowledgeable staff, you can be sure that your product will be the best it can be.

Ribbon Blenders

We have 4 Ribbon Blenders,  both Winkworth and Morton, that are capable of processing homogeneous blends, a tonne at a time. Products are sieved into the blender and also pass through 9000 Gauss Rare-earth Magnets, prior to check weighing, sealing and a further metal detection check on the finished bag.

We also have a smaller capacity ribbon blender on site which allows us to produce trial blends at your request.

Alternative Blenders

In addition to our range of Ribbon Blenders, we also have a Tote Bin Tumbler on site as well as a Drum blender which is ideal for cereals such as muesli or even pulse blends.

These extra options make Richard Whittaker an extremely versatile option to undertake any blending requirements your business has, whatever the size of your order.

Bagging Options

Once the product has been blended, the finished article can be packed up in a variety of ways. We currently offer the options below: stitched, crepe stitched, double bagged or heat sealed.

Crepe Stitched
Double Bagged
Heat Sealed